CubiScan 75

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CubiScan 75

The revolutionary CubiScan 75 is an advanced overhead dimensioning device designed to quickly and accurately measure parcels in low to high-volume shipping applications. The cost-effective CubiScan 75 utilizes powerful 3-D cameras to create a flexible and economical dimensioning solution for today’s most demanding shipping environments.

The CubiScan 75 Advantage

Easily determine accurate dimensions for outbound parcels and other daily shipments; it’s all possible with the CubiScan 75. This new parcel scanning system has no moving parts, making the device user-installable and easily maintained. The simple overhead design of the 75 allows packages to be placed from almost any direction. The CubiScan 75 can seamlessly integrate with shipping software, a barcode scanner, and a label printer; to create a complete shipping/manifesting workstation, helping to avoid errors and costly chargebacks.

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 CubiScan 75 Specifications

The CubiScan 75 is capable of measuring an object in a matter of seconds with a measurement capacity of up to 40” long, 28” wide, and 24” high. It has an impressive resolution of 0.2 inches, plus an integrated 10” colour display, showing the measurement results of for the user. CubiScan’s proprietary software interface, Qbit™, will pass accurate parcel dimensions to almost any shipping system.
This parcel cubing device can easily integrate with any existing scale.

Technical Specifications

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