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ECONUS® Checkweighers

As the brand new member of the Minebea Intec check weigher family, the ECONUS® is not only easy to clean and simple to use, it comes at an excellent price/performance ratio. Designed for completeness checks or control of filling systems, this checkweigher offers superior accuracy even at very high speeds. User-friendliness and reliability in measuring weight jump to the eye as well as the efficient elimination of over and underweight products, the ECONUS® is the perfect checkweigher for an extensive range of industry applications.


Notable Features

  • Construction: Stainless Steel.
  • Standard Deviation: 0.1 g to 1 g.
  • Maximum Throughput: 80 to 120 pcs/min.
  • Protection:IP 54 (IP 65 option).
  • High Throughput: 80 to 120 pcs/min..
  • Easy to Use: Unique "Learn Mode".
  • Trend Controller: for the automated optimization of filling processes.
  • Accurate at High Speed: Excellent weighing accuracies, even when operating at high speeds.



The ECONUS® is designed to guarantee all manufacturers access to the very latest in dynamic check weighing technology regardless of budget. Controlled using the Minebea Intec' renowned user interface the ECONUS® allows all users regardless of experience to control complex features with ease. Multi-functionality is the key to the success of the ECONUS®, an extensive product memory allows the checkweigher to store hundreds of key values, eliminating the need for lengthy and error-prone manual input. Additional features from the trend-controller for the automated optimization of filling processes to the ability to perform completeness checks with floating averages - all make the ECONUS® the most valuable addition to quality assurance measures.

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Weigh System 600g 1200g 3000g 6000g
Weighing Range 0 g to 600 g 0 g to 1200 g 0 g to 3000 g 0 g to 6000 g
Resolution From 0.1 g From 0.2 g From 0.5 g From 1 g
Standard Deviation From 0.1 g From 0.2 g From 0.5 g From 1 g
Throughput 120 pcs/min 100 pcs/min 80 pcs/min 80 pcs/min
Conveyor Sizes 300 mm x 200 mm 300 mm x 200 mm 300 mm x 200 mm 300 mm x 200 mm
Transport Speed Max 1.0 m/s (depending on the length of package and weighings per unit of time)
Transport Medium FDA-approved food conveyor belts
Drives 24V Maintenance FreeEC geared motors
Input Supply Voltage 115/230 VAC (+10%/ - 15%) selectable; 50/60 Hz(L1, N, PE)
Power Consumption approx 350 VA
Conveying Direction From right to left or from left to right (to be indicated when ordering)
Transport Height 600 to 1000 mm, feet adjusting range ±25 mm
Floor Clearance 100 mm ±25 mm
Temperature Range 0° to + 40° C
Protection IP 54 (IP 65 option)
Weight approx 120 kg
Dimensions See Dimensional Drawings

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