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In Motion Scales for Carton and Box Weighing

Conveyor scales or in-motion scales are scales that can weigh a carton, package or box while it is moving along on a conveyor belt. Typically this would be a scale with a motorized conveyor mount on the weigh bed platform. These conveyor scales are fully system integratable and are available in various lengths and widths to suit applications. They are legal for trade and constructed with stainless steel or mild steel.

Interweigh Systems Inc.
Model: ISI-LLWW-CS. (LL=length & WW=width of scale bed)

Interweigh's carton or conveyor belt scales are designed to capture the weight of a carton or package as it moves along the scale's conveyor. The carton passes through a photo-sensor which triggers the weighing process. The weight is displayed on the scale's digital indicator, which can transmit the weight via RS-232 or Ethernet to the end-user.

Interweigh has been an in-motion scale technology leader in Canada by establishing new thresholds for speed, accuracy and material handling on its line of in-motion conveyor scales. Since 1994 Interweigh has been the industry leader in carton scale technology currently offering speeds up to 350 fpm and a potential throughput of 3500 PPH. Interweigh has integrated this technology into a data capture system to offer its clients a turn-key project that may include barcode and dimension data and/or inventory and production control.

Conveyor scales also called box weighing scales, or even weigh-in-motion scales, dynamically weigh items (typically cardboard packages or shipping cartons) as they pass along the scale's conveyor belt, which is part of the weigh-bed. The scale's length (24" to 72") and width (12" to 24") are determined based on the maximum size of the packages and desired throughput.


Why choose Interweigh for your in-motion weighing requirements? Interweigh is the leader in in-motion scale technology providing scales with greater speeds and sizes to meet the desired product flow-through. These scales are designed and built in our Markham facility, assembled and tested by trained scale technicians and installed by those same technicians. Weight data can be integrated into one of Interweigh's data collection packages or into others. After-sales service is provided 24-7 across Canada within 2 hours. Interweigh has the only legal-for-trade scale in Canada weighing on an incline up to 15 degrees.


Cartons or conveyor scales are used by:

  • Meat Producers for determining a package's net weight for selling.
  • Couriers companies for confirming shipping fees by weight.
  • Warehouses for determining shipping weights to load trucks and charge shipping expenses.
  • Manufacturer's to ensure products being shipped have all the parts.
  • Other box weighing applications.

Weight & Measures:

Canadian approval # AM-5230. Capacities are either 51 kg x 20g or 101 kg x 50g.

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