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Make your routine lab work easy with the Quintix® revolutionary user interface. The Quintix® sets new benchmarks in every aspect for standard lab balances. A number of features will make your workflow much more efficient, from fully automatic internal adjustment to direct data transfer, ergonomic style and, above all, the entirely new touchscreen user interface with built-in application programs.


Notable Features

  • No-Risk Due to Temperature Fluctuations: comes equipped with the internal adjustment function isoCAL that ensures consistently accurate results.
  • Intuitive Touchscreen User Interface: intuitive operation of the balance without having to read a manual thanks to the new user interface and colour touch screen.
  • More Efficient: because the Quintix comes standard with convenient, built-in applications, you can customize it for a variety of weight measurement tasks.
  • Quality Documentation Made Easy: using the balance's directly integrated PC functions and Plug & Work connectivity to a Sartorius lab printer, record keeping is much easier.
  • Easy and Convenient Data Transfer: After connecting the USB port on Quintix® to a computer, just open the Windows® application you need. Quintix delivers data in your choice of format, either text or numbers, enabling effortless and accurate spreadsheet calculations.
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Model Weight Capacity (g) Readability (mg) Linearity (mg) Response Time (s) Pan Size (mm)
224 220 0.1 0.2 2 90
124 120 0.1 0.2 2 90
613 60 0.1 0.2 2 90
513 610 1 2 1 120
313 510 1 2 1 120
213 310 1 2 1 120
1102 210 1 2 1 120
Weight (kg) 4.9
Housing Chemically resistant finish of the housing for the easiest cleaning ever
Calibration isoCAL - fully automatic, temperature- and time-controlled internal adjustment
Interface mini USB
- Automatic recognition of Sartorius printer models YDP30 and YDP40.
- Direct data transfer to Microsoft® application programs without any additional software.
- Programmable interval for data output.
- Choice of SBI, xBPI, table format or text format data transfer protocols.

Every service under one roof

At Interweigh Systems, we strive to keep your weighing equipment operating at peak performance by providing the most comprehensive range of services available in the industry today.

 Our Premier Services include:

Scale Calibration

Mass Calibration

Legal For Trade

Scale Repair

Truck Scale Repair & Calibration


Interweigh Systems Inc. provides the highest quality Mass and Scale Calibration services, as well as Legal For Trade certification of scales governed by the standards and testing of Industry Canada under the Measurement Canada approval process. Interweigh Systems Inc. is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited as a calibration laboratory by the Standards Council of Canada for specific calibrations as listed on http://www.scc.ca/en/search/palcan/Interweigh