Barcode Verifiers - SV Series

  • Barcode Verifiers - SV Series

Barcode Verifiers - SV Series

Online SV Series Barcode Verifiers

The SV Series of RJS Scanner/Verifiers provides both fixed position scanning and high-speed online ANSI method verification of linear bar codes. These online barcode verifiers offer barcode print quality at an acceptable level and report practically every barcode quality and data parameter known. It offers a turnkey method of monitoring your print process for errors by checking for burned-out pixels, ribbon wrinkles and clogged inkjet nozzles. The SV Series provides 100% real-time verification on a wide array of equipment, such as print & apply systems, automatic packaging machines, inkjet printers, etc.

1. Identifies errors by checking for burned-out pixels, ribbon wrinkles, and clogged inkjet nozzles
2. Scans the bar code, then decodes and reports the encoded data
3. Stops to wait for an operator to correct the problem if a bad bar code gets printed.
4. Available for most thermal printer models and high-speed or conveyor applications

Notable Features

  • Kits are available for the most popular thermal transfer/direct thermal printer models.
  • Performs practically every known analysis parameter including ANSI/ISO, traditional and absolute X dimension measurement.
  • Data match compatibility.
  • Increment/Decrement capability.
  • Programmable outputs and serial port for system operation.
  • Download language.
  • High-speed or conveyor applications.
  • Ladder and Picket Fence Codes.
  • Improved efficiencies in distribution centers
  • Reduction in costly downtime
  • Maximized productivity
  • Increased vendor compliance
  • Stronger customer relationships

These online barcode verifiers make sure that barcode print quality is at an acceptable level by making sure the print mechanism has not failed or gone out of adjustment during operation. They even make sure that the correct data is encoded and that the encoded data is in the proper format. They will analyze and report virtually every verification parameter known. ANSI and Traditional print quality parameters are transmitted along with decoded data. The reported symbol quality parameters ensure the print method or complete barcode process is optimized. This is important for ISO corrective action procedures, label manufacturing and printing, tracking systems, inkjet applications and more.

They are Fixed Position Scanners

The SV can operate as a fixed position scanner. But, since it also provides diagnostic barcode quality information, it can reduce system downtime and save material costs. It does this by isolating the source of the problem. Once the source of the problem is found, it can be corrected before non-readable barcodes are printed and material is wasted.

The diagnostic capability is also useful when installing the scanner or after a conveyor or printer maintenance cycle. The available print quality information gives an indication of first-time read rates, optimal scanner alignment, optimal conveyor speed and optimal printer settings and adjustments. In short, everything is needed to ensure the proper set-up of a system.

Easy Setup / Flexible Interface

The SV uses a serial port to interface with RJS ScanVision, a PC-based software package used for set-up and monitoring. Use ScanVision for SV setup while the scanner/verifier is offline and/or use it for real-time barcode quality analysis while the scanner/verifier is operating. The unit also incorporates Model SV download language for setup without RJS ScanVision.

Five hardware outputs are available via an I/O-Power port for logic operation such as No Read, Poor Quality, Good Quality or Good Read status. Two synchronization inputs are also available for robust No Read evaluations. Two LED’s are available for status indications.

The serial port can also be used without ScanVision to provide decoded data and/or barcode analysis information to a host system.

Accessories and Options

Universal Power Supply Unit, RJS ScanVision Software, Female DB-9 to Female DB-9 Communication Cable (6 ft. (1.8 M) length), Calibration Symbol, Mounting Stand, Rastering Scan Line, Interface Kits for Zebra and Sato Printers (contact POS-Warehouse for additional printer types), Power Supply/Sensor/Output Cable.

Data and Quality Parameters Available**

Decoded Data, All Symbol Characters, Modulo Check Digit Analysis, Symbology Type, ANSI Method Overall Symbol Grade, ANSI Method Parameter Grades, (Reference Decode, Decodability, Modulation, Symbol Contrast, Rmin/Rmax, Defects, Min. Edge Contrast and Global Threshold), Average Bar Deviation, Ratio (if applicable), PCS, Element Reflectance (min. and max.), Quiet Zone Analysis, X Dimension, Inter-Character Gap (if applicable), No Read Flag, % decode, Partial Read Analysis, Pass/Fail Flag, Data Match (up to ten (10) fields), Increment/Decrement (base 10 and base 36).

** Note:
1. All reflectance parameters require calibration, fixed scanning distance and fixed angle of scan
2. X dimension requires fixed scanning distance


USS Code 39, USS Code 128, USS Code 93, USS Codabar,
USS Interleaved 2 of 5, UPC / EAN including 2 and 5 digit supplemental codes
(Contact POS-Warehouse for special symbology applications.)

Scanning Performance

Depth of Field – Mount at a specified focus distance for the most accurate verification operation.
Ladder or Picket Fence Bar Codes
Up to four (4) barcodes across

Operation Modes

Sync (edge and envelope), Free scan and ScanVision offline modes can be enabled


Package: 4.4" (112 mm) x 2.4" (61 mm) x 5.2" (132 mm)
Indications: Five (5) LED™s  Power/Sync, Calibration, Read, two (2) programmable LED’s
Comm Port: DB-9 male, RS 232C, programmable baud rate up to 115200 baud
I/O-Power: DB-15 male, five (5) programmable outputs, two (2) sync inputs
+5VDC @ 1 amp required
Mounting: Two (2) sets of mounting holes on two (2) different surfaces or a clamp for tightening to a 3/8" (9.5 mm) rod.

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RJS Model SV Series System Description and Technical Data
Model SV100 SV100HD SV100C SV200-1 SV200-2
Analyses/sec 100 100 100 200 200
Beam Width 6" (152mm) 4.5" (114mm) 10.5" (267mm) 2.5" (63.5mm) 1.75" (44mm)
Focus Distance 8" (203 mm)


6" (152mm)


15" (381mm)


8" (203mm)


6" (152mm)


X dim (min) .0067" (.17mm)


.005" (.127mm)


.013" (.33mm)


.0067" (.17mm)


.005" (.127mm)


*Contact POS-Warehouse Technical Support for information on custom and other models

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