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Wireless Wheel Weighers

Wireless Wheel Weighers For All Vehicles - Model M6 PAW-C

Are you wasting too much time with tangled wires when you're trying to weigh your vehicle? Wireless wheel weighers are so much easier to work with - especially when it comes to weighing a truck. a loader, or even a crane on a construction site. The M6 Indicator with the PAW-C wheel pad is not only ergonomically light to carry and waterproof, its pad dimensions, weighing capability and the cable length can be customized to meet your specific needs. Eliminate damage to your equipment and reduce setup time by taking the next step to wireless connectivity.

Download the M6 PAW-C Wireless Wheel Weigher brochure.

Notable Features

  • Lightweight: made of high-density aluminum alloy.
  • Waterproof: in rain or snow.
  • Wheel Weight: 15 Tons.
  • Sensitive: 1±0.2 MV/V.
  • Wireless Length: 30 meters.
  • Stand-by Working: 40 hours.

Advantages: No more wires to untangle. Quick setup time. Very portable and easy to use.

Applications: Trucks of all kinds and weights. Construction Equipment. Loaders and Forklifts. Cars.

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Weighing Capability Wheel Weight: 15t
Axle Weight: 30t
Sensitive 1±0.2 MV/V
Repeatability <0.01%FS
Nonlinearity <0.10%
Zero Output 4~10%
Temperature Compensation Range -10~+50°C
Sensitive Influence by Temperature 0.1%/10°C
Zero Temperature Influence 0.1%/10°C
Excitation Voltage 20V (DC)
Insulation Resistance >5000 M (100VDC)
Working Temperature -40 to +80°C
M6 Indicator
Is for both Static and In-Motion Weighing
High Definition Touch Screen
High-Speed Printer
Standby working 40 hours
Unlimited Records stored
Runs on Windows CE 6.0
Default 2 Channels
RS232, USB 2.0 as default. Bluetooth and USB 3.0 are optional
30 meters working distance
Excel, text or Database file output
Multiple languages supported
4 Cores ARM CPU, 2 GB Memory with 4GB Hard Disk (Higher level is optional)
Starting LOGO is customization
SMS Messages, iOS Applications, and Android Applications are optional.
7" screen is the default, and 10" and 13" screen sizes are optional.
Each Pad Dimension (mm) 800 x 50 x 35
Each Ramp Dimension (mm) 800 x 350 10t/10kg 15t/15kg
Max Axle Capability
(1 Pads) (t)
1t/1kg 5t/5kg In-Motion Speed: 8km/hr.
Details Load Cell: 6 load cells.

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