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Interweigh Systems Inc. provides barcode scanning software for warehouse shipping and receiving applications. Warehouse and shipping companies are constantly rediscovering the value of bar code scanning. It offers reliable data collection and does away with the higher cost and low productivity associated with paper and handwritten data collection. With the right bar code scanning software you can enhance the speed and accuracy of data collection to optimize the efficiency of inventory management, retail, shipping and receiving applications and more. Our software works with the MC9190-G scanner from Zebra and offers several key application features.

Ware house shipping software windows CE based system using the MC9190-G Zebra scanner.

Interweigh ISISHIP2000S provides following application features:

1. Retrieves shipping orders details directly from most accounting software packages (Quick Books, Business Vision 32, etc) and download these orders directly to scanning gun.
2. Provides shipping "pick slip" at ware house floor as quick reference on shipping details.
3. Validates and process a order for shipping.
4. Once a order is completely scanned order details are uploaded into accounting software for invoice processing.
5. Print local shipping manifest and invoice if required Scale Options.

Warehouse receiving system using MC9190-G Motorla/Symbol scanners

Interweigh INVENT2000R provides following application features:

1. Comprehensive receiving bar code scanning software package, scans most of industries EAN / UCC 128 shipping container code barcode labels.
2. Software intelligence verifies for correct weight units (lbs / kg), best before date validation.
3. Assigns storage stack numbers.
4. Prints end of shift, end of day reports on pallet received by dock number and operator ID.
5. Scanning system when incorporated with Interweigh supplied scale (floor / lift truck model) can produce "weight discrepancy" report for actual weight and weight embedded within barcode.
6. All received products can be logged directly into existing customers inventory management software package.

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