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  • HD Series by A&D Weighing

HD Series by A&D Weighing

The HD Series by A&D Weighing is a portable high-capacity counting scale with a detachable display head. The HD Series offers a choice of simple operations to direct entry of tare weight, piece weight and sample size. They also use A&D's exclusive Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement. ACAI combines the two most critical performance requirements of a counting scale: count accuracy and operation expediency. Capacity ranges from 12kg (30lbs) to 60kg (120lbs) and a resolution of 2 g (0.005 lbs) to 10 g (0.02 lbs).

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Notable Features

  • Designed for budget-conscious users.
  • High quality, full feature scales.
  • Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI).
  • Comparator function for packaging operations.
  • AC power, dry cell or optional rechargeable battery.
  • Detachable display head.
  • Large weighing pan for oversize containers.
  • Automatic power off.
  • Large wide-angle LCD display.
  • Intuitive operation for ease of use.
  • Capacity: 12kg (30lbs) to 60kg (120lbs).
  • Resolution:2 g (0.005 lbs) to 10 g (0.02 lbs).
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Model HD-12KA HD-30KA HD-60KA HD-12KB HD-30KB HD-60KB
Capacity 30lbs (12kg) 60lbs (30kg) 120lbs (60kg) 30lbs (12kg) 60lbs (30kg) 120lbs (60kg)
Resolution 0.005lbs(2g) 0.01lbs(5g) 0.02lbs(10g) 0.005lbs(2g) 0.01lbs(5g) 0.02lbs(10g)
Sample Size 5, 25, 50, 100 5, 25, 50, 100 or random numbers user selectable
Min. Unit Weight* 0.4/0.1 1/0.25 2/0.5 0.4/0.1 1/0.25 2/0.5
Internal Resolution 1/240000 1/600,000
Non-linearity ±0.2g ±5g ±10g ±2g ±5g ±10g
Sensitivity Drift 200ppm/°C (5°C ~ 35°C)
Operating Temp. -10°C to 40°C / 14°F to 104°F
Display LCD, 17mm//0.67 inches height
Max Count (pieces) 30000/120000pcs
Power AC adapter, six AM2 (C type) 1.5V dry batteries or an optional rechargeable NiCd battery pack (AD -1681)
Pan Size 300 (W) x 380 (D) mm/11.81 (W) x 14.96 (D) inches
Battery Life Approx 100 hours with manganese type cells, 200 hours with alkaline type cells, 20 hours with rechargeable battery pack (AD-1681)
Dimensions 411(W) x 470(D) x 120(H) mm / 16.18(W) x 18.50(D) x 4.72(H) inches
Weight Approx 9kg/19.8lbs
Calibration Mass kg 1-12 10-30 10-60 1-12 10-30 10-60
Calibration Mass lb 10-30 10-60 10-120 10-30 10-60 10-120
Standard Accessories Instruction manual, AC adapter
*Min weighing resolution can be selected from 1/30000 mode or 1/120000 mode

Every service under one roof

At Interweigh Systems, we strive to keep your weighing equipment operating at peak performance by providing the most comprehensive range of services available in the industry today.

 Our Premier Services include:

Scale Calibration

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Interweigh Systems Inc. provides the highest quality Mass and Scale Calibration services, as well as Legal For Trade certification of scales governed by the standards and testing of Industry Canada under the Measurement Canada approval process. Interweigh Systems Inc. is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited as a calibration laboratory by the Standards Council of Canada for specific calibrations as listed on http://www.scc.ca/en/search/palcan/Interweigh