Ishida IWQ Series

  • Ishida IWQ Series

Ishida IWQ Series

Ishida IWQ Portion Control Scales

Made with water-proof stainless steel, IWQ portion control scales were designed with the food packaging in mind. With a rating of IP-67 and three display windows, these portion control scales are easy to use and clean. Upper and lower weight limits can be set making them suitable for controlling the filling quantity of packed food products. Can also be used a counting scale and will compute the weight of each piece after food samples are placed on the counting plate.

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Notable Features

  • Water-proof Design Conforms to IP-67 - The IWB meets IP-67 requirements, even allowing washdown for highest sanitary conditions.
  • Sturdy, Stain, Chemical, and Corrosion Resistant Water-proof Load Cell Conforms to IP-67. - for the first time ever the load cell has been coated with acrylic resin to make it completely water-proof.
  • 1,000-hour Battery Life - can be operated for 1,000 hours with only 2 size D alkaline dry batteries. (AC adapter can be used too.)
  • Weight Checking Function suitable for controlling the filling quantity of packed food, etc.
  • Large Display Characters - indicator features a large character height (36.5 mm)
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Model IWQ-30 IWQ-150
Capacity 30 kg 150 kg
Minium Graduation 0.005 kg
(0-15 kg)
0.01 kg
(15-30 kg)
0.02 kg
(0-60 kg)
0.05 kg
(60-150 kg)
Multi interval
Display Fluorescent
Weight Check over, accept, under
Weight 10 kg 17.4 kg
Waterproof Construction IP-67
Power AC 100 V ~ 240 V +/-10 %, 50/60 Hz
Interface External buzzer or RS232C and relay output signal (except IWB-Series)
Option RS232C cable, relay output box (except IWB-Series)

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