Omnicell® 9109 Series

  • Omnicell® 9109 Series

Omnicell® 9109 Series

The 9109 Omnicell has a double-ended design suitable for applications requiring high accuracy and extreme environmental protection. Features include stainless steel, a hermetically sealed load cell and both zinc-plated machined steel or machined stainless steel mounting assembly. The 9109 features Fairbanks' exclusive Neutral Axis Load Introduction and infinitely adjustable Omnimount checking system. The 9109 Omnicells are compact and low profile, which makes them the perfect choice for applications with limited space.
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Interweigh Systems Inc. provides the highest quality Mass and Scale Calibration services, as well as Legal For Trade certification of scales governed by the standards and testing of Industry Canada under the Measurement Canada approval process. Interweigh Systems Inc. is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited as a calibration laboratory by the Standards Council of Canada for specific calibrations as listed on