Sartorius Secura®

  • Sartorius Secura®

Sartorius Secura®

Sartorius Secura

The Sartorius Secura® lab balance gives you the security and peace of mind of knowing that you have done everything right. Besides providing highly accurate weighing results and operating convenience, Secura® also features built-in protection systems for complete reliability and regulatory compliance - the safe and secure way.

For detailed specifications download the Secura Series brochure.

Notable Features

  • Always Correctly Leveled: Secura has an optoelectronic sensor that continuously checks whether the balance is perfectly leveled.
  • Stress-Free USP Minimum Sample Weight Measurement: never worry again about inadequate data being processed by accident.
  • No Risk Due to Temperature Fluctuations: Temperature fluctuations have an influence on the accuracy of your weighing results. Every Secura comes equipped with the internal adjustment function isoCAL that ensures consistently accurate results.
  • Quality Documentation Made Easy: Secura features a Cal Audit Trail function to document the quality of each weigh-in procedure you perform.
  • Secure: Secura comes with password protection to restrict adjustment of the balance settings only to authorized persons.
  • Cleanability to Secure the Best Results: Cleanliness is one of the main prerequisites in the laboratory to prevent contamination and ensure work area safety. That's why Sartorius placed a premium on designing Secura to enable easy and thorough cleaning.
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Model Capacity(g) Readability(mg) Linearity(mg) Min Sample(g) Pan Size(mm)
224 220 0.1 0.2 0.12 90
124 120 0.1 0.2 0.12 90
613 610 1 2 1.5 120
513 510 1 2 1.5 120
313 310 1 2 1.5 120
213 210 1 2 1.5 120
6102 6100 10 20 12 180
5102 5100 10 20 12 180
3102 3100 10 20 12 180
2102 2100 10 20 12 180
1102 1100 10 20 12 180
612 610 10 20 12 180

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At Interweigh Systems, we strive to keep your weighing equipment operating at peak performance by providing the most comprehensive range of services available in the industry today.

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Interweigh Systems Inc. provides the highest quality Mass and Scale Calibration services, as well as Legal For Trade certification of scales governed by the standards and testing of Industry Canada under the Measurement Canada approval process. Interweigh Systems Inc. is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited as a calibration laboratory by the Standards Council of Canada for specific calibrations as listed on