Ultegra Postal Scales - Flat Top

  • Ultegra Postal Scales - Flat Top

Ultegra Postal Scales - Flat Top

Postal Scales - Ultegra Flat Top

Ultegra postal scales are a low profile scale for weighing UPS and FedEx packages and product checkweighing. Ultegra Series Bench Scales respond quickly and accurately, even in high volume applications. Fairbanks' Ultegra Series Postal Scales are low profile scales which can be used in a variety of non-washdown applications up to 150 lbs and feature Fairbanks' exclusive Intalogix® Technology.

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Notable Features

  • 14" x 14" x 2.4" platform.
  • 150 x 0.05 lbs capacity.
  • ABS composite construction.
  • USB interface and powered.
Legal for Trade

Ultegra Postal Scales


Ultegra Series postal scales can be used for all your shipping needs including:

  • FedEx and UPS shipping (is compatible with their software)
  • Those applications where the volume of packages is high.
  • Parcel Shipping
  • Warehouse Shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum capacity of the Ultegra? (how heavy can it weigh?)
A: The Ulgera has a capacity of 150 lbs (67.5 kg) displayed in 0.05 lbs (0.02 kg) graduations. For applications where heavier packages will be weighed we offer a 250 lbs (113.4 kg) Heavy Capacity Ship-It scale.

Q: What kind of computer do I need to use with an Ultegra?
A: The Ultegra works with any PC with an RS232 or USB port. Fairbanks does not provide the actual shipping software.

Q: Are the Ultegra models compatible with my shipping systems serial interface?
A: Chances are that Ultegra postal scales are compatible. The unit ships from the factory with the output configured for use on UPS Shipping systems as the default. If you have purchased your scale after April 15, 2005 the scale is also compatible with FedEx shipping software. To change from the UPS format to FedEx format you need to do the following: 1) The Scale is programmed by holding the UNITS and ZERO buttons on the display at the same time (press the units just ahead of the zero actually) until you see OUT 1. This is the default UPS output 2) Press the UNITS key once and the display will show Out 2 (FedEx format) 3) Press the ZERO key and you are complete

Q: Why would someone need a roller-ball top version?
A: The roller-ball top version is extremely handy in applications where the volume of packages is high or where the average weight of the packages is heavy. No need to actually lift the package as the roller-ball top allows for packages to easy be rolled or slid on and off the scale. This is also extremely effcient in applications where the Ultegra is placed in a conveyor line.

Q: What's the difference between Ultegra General Purpose postal scales and Ultegra postal scales with USB Interface? A: There are two versions of the Ultegra available, a USB version and a General Purpose RS232 version. RS232 and USB are type of serial communication. New computers feature USB ports standard and RS232 serial ports (older technology) are now optional if available at all. The Ultegra you select could depend on the type of communication ports available on your computer. Since the Ultegra is offered in both RS232 and USB connectivity is not a problem. If you currently have a computer that only has RS232 but you are planning on obtaining a new computer in the future, you may want to choose the USB version of the Ultegra today. The USB version of the Ultegra features both RS232 and USB interfaces, so it will interface with your computer today, but also give you maximum flexibility with your computer selection in the future.

Q: Is there a weight display on the Ultegra?
A: Yes. The Ultegra features a 0.5 inch LCD display built into the side of the scale. When using shipping software, the weight is displayed in the shipping software as well. For applications where a second display is required, the optional 1500 Remote Display is available featuring a 0.9 inch LCD display.

Q: Why would someone need a Remote Display?
A: If the Ultegra is mounted in a counter, use of the Remote Display makes viewing the weight easier. Additionally, if the scale is being used in a commercial application (charging customers based on the scale weights) your local Weights and Measures officials may mandate a customer display such as the 1500 Remote Display. This varies from state to state.

Q: Do I need to calibrate my Ultegra when it arrives?
A: Each Ultegra ships factory calibrated. If the Ultegra is being used in a commercial application (charging customers based on the scale weights) your local Weights and Measures officials may mandate the scale be calibrated on site and registered with the local Weights and Measures office. This varies from state to state. You should contact your local Weights and Measures office for details about any requirements in your area.

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Capacity 150 lb (68 kg)
Platform Size 14" x 14" x 2.4"
Division Size 0.05 lbs (0.02 kg)
Output USB (includes 6' cable)
Power Requirements Powered through USB port (optional AC adapter)
Display 0.5" high LCD
Accessories Remote LCD display with 1.5" characters and an 8' cable; display pillar; counter insert; AC adapter
Approvals NTEP COC #98-198; Canadian Weights & Measures AM-#5298; Fairbanks' Repair & Return Program

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