Inter-Deck Truck Scales

Inter-Deck Truck Scales

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Inter-Deck Truck Scales

Truck Scales - Inter-Deck

Interweigh Systems designs truck scales for measuring vehicles like rigs or tankers. Made for weighing an entire truck on a single or combined series of platforms, our Inter-Deck truck scale is designed for full support across the entire scale. Superior to other designs which incorrectly assume that the weight load is only down the outsides of the scale, Interweigh's technology optimizes truck scale design to make your scale last longer. Working from our extensive application history, Interweigh engineers use modern Computer-Aided Design and finite element analysis to calculate the optimum scale design needed to weigh today's vehicles. The result. Interweigh's Inter-Deck full-range Series of low-profile above-ground scales with the same life expectancy and accuracy associated with mechanical scales. Interweigh's Inter-Deck will be serving your needs long after the 5-10 year lifespan of other low-profile designs.

Is your weigh station or truck scale in need of calibration and repair? We provide the highest quality truck scale calibration service in southern Ontario.


Notable Features

Our steel deck truck scales feature a high-strength, all-welded steel construction providing an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio. The four-way tread plate provides excellent vehicle traction. Welded construction, with over 600 feet of weld per module, assures durable, dependable weighing, year after year.

  • Fabricated of high-strength safety plate to assure the longest life and heaviest load capacities available with steel deck scales.
  • High strength deck plate with short unsupported spans reduces the potential ripple effect from overinflated tires by over 40%.

Bumber bolts keep the deck from hitting the pier coping. Additionally, the rocker pin load cell design allows the scale to move independently. This protects the load cells from side load damage, which is common on truck scales and can damage other types of cells.

Our truck scales feature superior load cell design:

  • Capacities up to 100 tons.
  • Types: Above-ground or In-ground
  • Deck construction in either mild steel or concrete.
  • Lengths up to 140' and widths up to 12'.

Truck Scale Function:

There are two kinds of motor truck scales: above-ground and in-ground. They are formed using a series of specific length sections mounted on pairs of load cells, which in turn are supported on a pier-type foundation. The load cells are then adjusted to allow the scale to weigh correctly along its length.


Our truck scales offer the following advantages:

  • Modular-deck construction for easy installation.
  • Sections simply bolt together.
  • Uses self-restoring rocker pin load cells, avoiding service adjustments.
  • Various truck-in / truck-out software packages are available
  • Complete turn-key installations, as required.


Motor Truck Scales are used by:

  • any industry that sells or pays for products by the weight onboard.
  • truck stops that provide a service to their trucking clients.
  • governments for verifying truck load limits on highways.


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