Logistics & Warehousing

Providing cutting-edge, weight-related, dimensioner logistic solutions for busy material-handling environments requiring efficient yet simplified processes.

ISI In-Motion Weighing Systems

Interweigh Systems custom designed In-Motion Weighing Systems has conveyor speeds variable up to 240ft per minute.

Cubiscan 325

Designed to maximize storage space and enhance cartonization methods, which can reduce the use of packaging materials and potentially decrease dimensional-based shipping charges.

ISI Filling Machine

Your Ultimate Packaging Partner! Crafted with a stainless steel hopper and engineered for minimal maintenance, our cutting-edge solution revolutionizes packaging for everything from dry foods to spices and premium coffee beans. Experience efficiency and precision with every fill.

1280 Enterprise Series

The 1280 Enterprise Series programmable indicator is an innovative powerhouse, delivering uncompromising speed for today’s operations and expansive options for tomorrow’s requirements. Explore the potential, discover the power and unlock the possibilities.

Find Your Innovative Solutions with Interweigh

Providing Innovative Weighing Solutions to Canadian Industry for 40+ Years. Find Which Solution Works Best for Your Specific Industry.

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