The Benefits of Renting

Your operation, company, or small business needs to collect weight, dimensional or product count data for an upcoming process. Still, you are not sure what type of measuring equipment you need for your process or even where to begin looking. There are many factors that determine what type of equipment or system is best suited for you; one factor is how often you plan to use the equipment. If you only need to collect data for a temporary project or a finite amount of time, you may not want to make the investment to purchase new equipment. Instead, renting a weigh scale, counting scale, or dimensioning system from a reputable distributor may be an ideal solution.

If you are only collecting data for a short period of time, for example, during end-of-year inventory, you may only need a weigh scale, counting scale or dimensioner for a couple of days or weeks. If you were to purchase equipment for this process, you would be able to collect the data you need. Still, you would also be responsible for the initial cost of the equipment as well as any maintenance, storage costs and resources to keep the equipment properly working for next year’s use.

If owning your own equipment is not the best solution for you, Interweigh Systems Inc. can provide rentals for your business to ensure you have the reliable data and accurate equipment you need for your temporary usage. Interweigh Systems Inc. provides only high-quality measuring equipment capable of collecting the weight, cubing, and piece counting data needed for many temporary weighing and measurement processes. Furthermore, Interweigh Systems Inc. has the experienced staff to help you select the best rental equipment and troubleshoot and maintain it while you are renting.

Rentals are available by the day, the week, month or quarterly. Learn more about Interweigh Systems’ rental equipment options or call us directly to have one of our experienced rental experts help you choose the best  scale or dimensioning system for your unique operation.


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