Scale Calibration

Our factory trained technicians are the best in the industry, offering professional scale calibrations services to all makes and models, as well as maintenance contracts tailored to your individual requirements.

  • Interweigh Systems is Weight and Measures accredited for inspection of Legal for Trade devices.
  • 24 hour emergency services designed to keep your business operating at peak performance.
  • Custom maintenance agreements, tailored to your needs and schedule.
  • On-site or in-house repair by experience technicians.

Interweigh Systems standard statement of compliance; as related to scale calibration; is as documented in our procedure SOP 7.5.1A, which is available to customers upon request.

Unless otherwise specified by the customer, the following decision rules are used for reporting in tolerance conditions (indicated as a PASS on calibration reports):

As an ISO 9001 registered and . ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Company, we will inspect, clean, test, and make field adjustments within maintenance tolerances, furnish certified test weights and supply a written report for every job. Quality assurance inspectors will be able to assess the state of all weighing equipment, and the documentation should serve to satisfy even the most discriminating Auditors.

Additional Services: