Interweigh Systems Inc. provides the highest quality truck scale calibration service available in southern Ontario. Calibrate your scales on a regular basis to ensure they meet the required government standards.

Truck Weigh Stations

Most provinces and states collect taxes based on the weight of transported goods. Located at various points along provincial and state highways, truck weigh stations are used to calculate these taxes. They also monitor the weight of a truck to ensure that it falls within the safety guidelines that each province and state has in place for its highways. Weigh stations are equipped with scales, some of which can weigh a truck while it is moving, while older scales require the trucks to stop. There are also a variety of scales used from single axle scales to multi-axle sets. Regardless of the type of scale being used, we can handle all your calibration needs and keep your scales in ideal working condition.
Truck Scale Calibration

Scope of Work

As an ISO 9001 registered and . ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Company, we will inspect, clean, test, and make field adjustments within maintenance tolerances, furnish certified test weights and supply a written report for every job. Quality assurance inspectors will be able to assess the state of all weighing equipment, and the documentation should serve to satisfy even the most discriminating Auditors.


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