What Is Dimensional Weight?

One of the most advanced dimensioning systems, the CubiScan dimensional weighers, can help your business to function more efficiently as they become an essential part of your cubing efforts. Whether it be for logistical planning, storage space allocation, material sorting, manifesting, general material handling or warehousing processing, our dimensioners will play a critical role in your shipping and warehousing systems. By enabling you to quickly and accurately gather dimensional weight data, Interweigh’s dimensioning systems will help you utilize precious space with the utmost efficiency, generate additional revenue by calculating valuable dimensional weight charges, and save you measurable amounts of time, effort and money.

Dimensional weight (sometimes called volumetric weight) is a term used in the shipping and freight industry to refer to a billing, shipping and storage technique which takes into account the volume and not just the weight of a package. If a package takes up a lot of space but isn’t that heavy, a shipping company might charge for the item’s dimensional weight instead of its actual weight.

There are two kinds of dimensional weighing: static and dynamic. Our static dimensional weight systems, for instance, determine the dimensional weight of an item while it is at rest, i.e., statically. Our dynamic dimensional weight systems determine the dimensional weight of an object while it is moving on a conveyor line, i.e., or is in motion. When your packages have a large size-to-weight ratio, you should think about calculating your package’s dimensional weight when you calculate your shipping rates.

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