FB 2800 Series Intrinsically Safe Scales

FB 2800 Series Intrinsically Safe Scales

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FB 2800 Series Intrinsically Safe Scales

Intrinsically Safe Indicators for Hazardous Areas

Improve the safety, accuracy and efficiency of your hazardous weighing applications with the FB 2800 Series Intrinsically Safe Indicators from Fairbanks. These indicators offer a safe alternative for weighing jobs in hazardous areas where there is a high risk of fire or explosion. Specially designed for explosive environments, the 2800 Series indicator can be used on all types of scales and applications. Featuring Fairbank's exclusive Intalogix Technology, the 2800 indicator is ideal for numerous chemical and food processing applications from manual batching to auto batching, setpoint, and PLC interfacing via 4 to 20mA.

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Notable Features

  • The 2800 is equipped with dual displays: a seven-segment liquid crystal display (LCD) for communicating weight data; and a secondary 16-character alphanumeric LCD for operator prompts and messages.
  • Programmable Zero Band Error helps eliminate the possibility of an operator unintentionally masking an error or “zeroing” the error off.
  • Up to eight setpoints (relays) can be enabled using the 2800's Setpoint Accessory Box. Four modes of setpoint operation are standard on the instrument: setpoint mode, check to weigh mode, batch mode and auto batch mode.
  • Relay control buttons are located on the front of the instrument in a large, bright yellow, easy-to-read design.
  • The 2800 is also front panel programmable. Target weights are quick and easy to change as your processes change throughout the day.
  • The peak Hold function allows the greatest net weight value to be held in memory until the Clear key is pressed.
  • Features a passive Smart high resolution 4 to 20 mA analog output with a resolution of up to 65536 (16 bit).
Display Resolution 10,000 divisions for commercial
30,000 divisions for non-commercial
Units lbs., oz., gm., kg., ton, lb-oz, weight-to-gallon
conversion (field programmable)
Auto Zero Tracking Programmable
Keypad Full numeric with tactile feedback
Pushbutton Zero Range 2% or 100%
Pushbutton Keys Tare, auto tare, zero, print, gross/net mode,
units selection, enter, program, scroll, start, start,
trim, I.D. (six characters)
Balance Detector Programmable
Weight Display 1.25" high, seven-segment, six-digit, Liquid Crystal
Display (five digits with a minus sign)
Standard Display 0.38" x 0.191", 16 character Liquid Crystal Display
Graduation Size 0.0002 to 50 in increments of 1, 2 and 5
Load Cells Up to 16 Load Cells
Enclosure 304 Stainless Steel, NEMA 4X
Humidity 0 to 100%. Suitable for washdown
Approvals NTEP CC# 01-009. Factory Mutual
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