Ishida WM Nano Food Scales and Wrappers

  • Ishida WM Nano Food Scales and Wrappers

Ishida WM Nano Food Scales and Wrappers

Ishida - WM Nano

The WM-Nano is the only automatic wrapper on the market today that is compact and affordable enough for all grocers and retailers. At only 28" wide, 34" deep and 28" high, the WM-Nano is an unique table top wrapper with an integrated color touch screen Uni 7 scale base and printer. The WM-Nano promises to level the playing field allowing the small grocer or food retailer to compete with their larger competitors. Reduce operator fatigue and increase production with the world's first tabletop wrapper. Ideal for grocers and food suppliers with limited space but need high performance and consistent wrapping.

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Notable Features

  • Large color touch screen - simple and reliable key operation is easy with the large 10.4" color LCD touch panel combined with easy to use stroke keys.
  • Automatic film changing - two-film roll type can have large and small film rolls that can be loaded in both sides of the main body and the correct film size is automatically selected for wrapping. A built-in sensor detects tray width and will automatically change the wrapping conditions eliminating troublesome settings for products of different sizes.
  • Beautiful Finish - the pre-stretching function makes for a beautiful finish while reducing costs. Film layers are welded firmly by the impulse heater ensuring a firm seal. Each film roll can be replaced from the front of the machine using the rotary film holder. The film cover keeps the loaded film free from dirt or dust.
  • High productivity - the WM 4000 provides superior wrapping performance at a maximum speed of 35 packs/min. Ready for high demand during peak store operation.
  • Automatic tray identification and Centering - the CCD camera automatically identifies the tray as soon as it is placed on the in-feed table. Wrapping conditions and tare weight are set automatically and any fluctuation in commodity tray placement is corrected by the centering conveyor.

Small Footprint Saves on Space

Fast and Consistent Wrapping

Wraps each product consistently regardless of the operator. Can wrap up to 15 packages per minute.

Detachable and Washable In-feed Table and Lifts

The entire exterior body of the automatic wrapper is made from stainless steel offering rust resistance and outstanding cleanliness and durability. In-feed table and lifts are detachable and washable. The floor can easily be swept and cleaned due to the wide floor space reserved in front of the main body.

Lower Film Costs

Reduces film consumption and produces better looking packaging. Handles various film roll widths 15 to 24 inches.

Top 10 Most Innovative Products at 2012 Grocery Showcase West

There’s little middle ground in tray wrapping equipment. Retailers could choose a small, manual station or a room-sized automatic machine. But now, Ishida's WM-Nano offers another choice.
At just 28" wide, 34" deep, and 28" high, the WM-Nano is a unique concept, a tabletop wrapper with an integrated scale-base and printer, offering all the benefits and features of a full-size automatic tray wrapping machine at a modest size and price tag.

Saves on floor space (takes up 6.4 sq ft and weighs 200 lbs).
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Temperature Range 5°C - 35°C
Operation Humidity 20% - 85% (Non condensing)
Wrap Weight 0.04kg - 3kg
Max Weight 0.04kg - 15kg
Power Supply (Oceania) 3phase circuit, AC400V±10% 50/60Hz
Power Supply (S.Africa) 3phase circuit, AC380V±10% 50/60Hz
Total Height (Oceania) Max. 1830mm (Display Excluded)
Total Height (S.Africa) Max. 1755mm (Display Excluded)
Machine Weight 430kg or less (Standard WM-4000 type)
Wrapping Speed Max. 35 packs/min
Wrapping Size Width: 95 - 360mm
Depth: 80 - 250mm
Height: 10 -130mm (Tray height: Max. 50mm)
Film Width 250mm - 500mm
Film Roll Length 1000m
Film Type Polyolefin/Polyvinyl Chloride
Film Width 250mm - 500mm
Label Width 47mm - 80mm
Label Length 45mm - 105mm
Label Direction Vertical/Horizontal

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