Barcode Label Applicators

Barcode Label Applicators

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Barcode Label Applicators

Label Applicators

Label Applicators are pressure-sensitive labelling equipment designed for shipment addressing, product identification, inventory control, pricing and data collection. These affordable label applicators are simple to operate, easy to maintain and durable. Whether you are just starting a labelling project or expanding your labelling operations, we can meet all your labelling requirements. In alliance with Auto Labe, a leader in labelling equipment since 1967, we offer many different types of label applicators from Automatic to Semi-Automatic, Print and Apply applicators, RFID labellers, all kinds of accessories and complete turn-key solutions. As a complete solutions provider, we also offer the added value of guaranteed installation, service and support for all label applicators sold.

Our extensive line of label applicators is designed for applying labels consistently and accurately on high-speed conveyors and sorters in the harshest of environments. If you need labels for your products, whether it be brochures, pamphlets, postcards, envelopes, gallon buckets, shipping cases, pallets for health and beauty products, drug packages, lumber products or just plain boxes, Interweigh has the right label applicator for enhancing your manufacturing efficiency and productivity. Available label surfaces include paper, plastic, film, vinyl, foil and more. These surfaces can be flat, slightly tapered, convex and more.

Notable Features

  • Can accurately place labels on tops, sides or bottoms of products with flat or slightly curved surfaces.
  • Has demonstrated proven reliability.
  • The cost-effective transition from manual labelling to automatic labelling.
  • Portable and lightweight tabletop unit.
  • Label application is activated by foot switch.
  • Will improve label accuracy and efficiency.
  • Dimensions: 17"/43cm W x 29"/74cm L x 26"/66cm H.
  • Weight: 49lbs/22kg.
  • Electric: 115VAC/60Hz/1 AMPS (max.) or 220 VAC/50Hz.
  • Air: 50 PSIG (max.)/6CFM.
  • Labels: Standard 5" wide web width 10" O.D. roll with 3" core.
  • Die-cut with 1/8" spacing.


  • Model 280
  • Heavy-Duty Label Dispenser with Imprinter Option.
  • Model 285 (Tabber)
  • Tab Sealer for Envelopes & Publications
  • Model 550
  • Round Product Labeler
  • Model 560
  • Semi-Automatic Tamp-Down Label Applicator
  • Model 565
  • Round Tapered Product Labeler
  • Model 590
  • Bucket Labeler
  • Model 110S
  • Servo Drive Wipe-On Labeling head
  • Model 110
  • Wipe-On Labeling head
  • Model 120
  • Automatic ALL-AIR Wipe-On Label Applicator
  • Model 130
  • Blow-On Label Applicator Head
  • Model 140
  • Tamp-On Label Applicator Head
  • Model 160
  • High-Speed Stepper Wipe-On Label Applicator Head
  • Model 462
  • High-Speed Product Label Applicator
Print & Apply
  • Model 151e
  • Economical Print & Apply Applicator
  • Model 151
  • Standard Automatic Applicator with a variety of Industrial Print Engines
  • Model 155
  • Premier Automatic Features a PLC & a variety of Industrial Print Engines & Application Assemblies
  • Print & Apply Using Table Top Printer With an Automatic Labeling Equipment Looped Together. Loose Loop Print & Apply
  • Model 110SR
  • Apply Only RFID Labelers
  • Industrial Print/Apply RFID Labelers

What Are Label Applicators

Label applicators are devices used to dispense, apply, or print and apply labels to packages. These devices range from simple manual dispensing to fully automated print and apply high production machines. There are four kinds of applicators to choose from: Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Print and Apply and RFID applicators.

  1. Automatic applicators are used when high volume labelling is needed. A photo-eye detects the product as it comes down the conveyor line and triggers the application of the label at the right time.
  2. Semi-Automatic applicators apply a label when the operator places the product and triggers the unit with a foot switch to apply the label. Once the product is removed, the cycle is repeated.
  3. Print and Apply applicators are used for printing labels "on the fly" and then applying them. These label applicators are preferred when you have a large variety of products, or storing every type of label is too complicated, when special coding i.e., date, batch number, serial numbers, is required or when only small batches are run, and changing labels for every batch is too time-consuming.
  4. Dispenser Only applicators are used when label placement is not an issue and volume is low. A simple electric label dispenser is usually all that's required. The operator takes the partially peeled label from the webbing and applies it to the product.


Label applicators are not only designed for the application of labels to single packages, but for the application of labels in high-volume conveyor systems where thousands of labels must be applied. Some interesting applications include:

  • Ends of Lumber
  • Pallets
  • Cartons
  • Food Packages
  • Chemical Drums
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • Bottles
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