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Data Collection Software

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Data Collection Software

Interweigh's Data Collection Software is a robust application that communicates with up to 10 attached scale systems. It offers a graphical user interface for a product, customer, and operator data management which ensures data integrity and decreases data maintenance time by allowing the operator to enter data once, and download it to all connected systems. Password protection ensures only privileged users may perform such operations as deleting all data from the connected systems.

Notable Features

  • Dependable communication via TCP/ IP.
  • Connection for up to 10 scale systems (expandable by units of 10).
  • GUI data management for products, operators, and customers.
  • Download data to all systems, ensuring data integrity.
  • Colourful visual connection status.
  • Real-time production screen populated by product.
  • On-screen product query.
  • Real-time reporting software (production, shipping, inventory).
  • Custom report programming provides data that meets the operational needs of your company.
  • Common data storage formats (Excel and Access).
  • Custom programming to integrate data into your current system (AS400, SQL).
  • Integrates with Interweigh's Scanning/Shipping Software.

Featuring a colourful visual connection status, downtime is minimized by alerting the operator in the event a system goes offline. Data is collected in a real-time environment, thus production, shipping, and inventory reports are accurate and contain up-to-the-minute information. Displaying production information on the main screen allows the operator to quickly assess current production levels. A product query populates the lower level of the main screen enabling the operator to focus on current production for the queried product.

Our data collection software can be enhanced by data storage in common formats such as Excel and Access making the transition seamless. However, custom software programming is available to integrate production data into your current system (i.e. AS400, SQL).


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