Ishida UNI-7

  • Ishida UNI-7

Ishida UNI-7

Ishida Uni-7 Retail Scales

Made for the fast paced world of the retail environment, Interweigh offers the UNI-7 retail scale from Ishida. These unique retail weighing scales also function as compact counter top printers that make it a breeze to print all types of labels and receipts. Equipped with a browser function the UNI-7 allows data from the Internet to be downloaded and then printed out. The UNI-7 also can display information on related products such as logos, messages and data, which can then be printed onto labels. Compact enough to sit on any countertop the UNI-7 uses a front loading cassette method, though the memory can be expanded to up to 2GB. The scale printer has 5 pre-selected languages that are listed on the selection screen. Features a touch screen and strong graphics.

Download the Uni-7 Retail Scale brochure here.

Notable Features

  • Seven models to choose from: Bench, Pole, Bakery, Elevator Twin, Elevator Single, Hanging and Self Service
  • Touchscreen
  • Strong Graphics
  • Effective Advertising
  • Browser Function
  • Vibration Key
  • Cassette Loading
  • Various Languages
  • Multiple-Language Printing
  • Receipt and Label at One Time
  • Automatic Cutter
  • Visualizing Food Safety
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  • Specifications
  • Services

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Weighing Capacity 15kg: 0-6/0.002kg,
30lb: 0-15/0.005lb,
Weighing Accuracy 1/3000
Power Supply AC100 - 240V , 50 / 60Hz
Power Consumption 1.0A/0.5 A
Operator/Customer Display 7-inch color liquid crystal with backlight
Keypad 84 keys (Dextersy keys)
Printing Method Direct Thermal
Thermal Head 2 inches and 8 dots/mm
Printing Speed MAX 120 mm/second
Label Size Width: 30mm to 60mm
Length: 20mm to 150mm
Number of Cassettes 7 cassettes (front-loading type)
Roll Size Outer diameter: 100mm or less
Inner diameter: 40mm ±1mm
Weight Bench type: Approx.11.5 kg
Pole type: Approx.12.5 kg
Use Conditions Temperature: -5 to 40°C
Humidity: 20 to 85%
No condensation
Input/Output LAN x 1 (Wireless: Optional)
USB x 1
CF x 1
Drawer x 2

Seven models to choose from:

  • Bench
  • Pole
  • Bakery
  • Elevator Twin
  • Elevator single
  • Hanging
  • Self service

Retail Scale Applicationns

  • Supermarkets
  • Fresh produce markets
  • Greengrocers
  • Delicatessans
  • Butchers
  • Fishmongers
  • Fresh produce growers
  • Fresh produce wholesalers
  • Bakeries

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