FC-i Series by A&D Weighing

  • FC-i Series by A&D Weighing

FC-i Series by A&D Weighing

The FC-i Series by A&D Weighing is a very versatile high-resolution counting scale. Its powerful features are ideal for a range of applications from simple counting to advanced inventory data management. This model combines the two most critical performance requirements of a counting scale: count accuracy and operation expediency.

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Notable Features

  • High Resolution: 1/5 million internal for FC-Si models, 1/1million internal for FC-i models.
  • 500 Memories (with 6-digit ID) to store and retrieve up to Unit Weights, tare weights, alphanumeric names/codes (12 digits), accumulators & comparator limits.
  • Optional Remote Scale Connector (FC-05i) allows easy connection to a remote platform.
  • Standard bi-directional RS-232C interface with optional 2nd & 3rd interfaces.
  • LED Display steps operator through the proper keys without a manual
  • Simplified Operation Mode disables all but essential keys.
  • Optional Hi/Go/Lo Comparator Function with built-in buzzer makes checkweighing easy.
  • Four Displays always show weight, average piece weight, piece count, item code, tare weight and accumulator.
  • ACAI Counting Function continuously updates the average piece weight. Provides increased accuracy for parts with inconsistent weights.
  • Display prompting eliminates operator errors and maximizes count accuracy.
  • Optional NiMH built-in Battery Pack allows recharge while the unit is still in use.
  • 1" High Count display is unmistakable.
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Model Capacity Display Resolution (g) Min. Sample Pan Size (inch)
500Si 500 g 0.02 0.0002g 5.0 x 5.0
5000Si 5 kg 0.2 0.0001g 6.5 x 6.5
500i 500 g 0.05 0.0005g 8 x 6
1000i 1 kg 0.1 0.001g 8 x 6
2000i 2 kg 0.2 0.002g 11.8 x 11
5000i 5 kg 0.5 0.005g 11.8 x 11
10Ki 10 kg 1 0.01g 11.8 x 11
20Ki 20 kg 2 0.02g 11.8 x 11
50Ki 50 kg 5 0.05g 11.8 x 11

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At Interweigh Systems, we strive to keep your weighing equipment operating at peak performance by providing the most comprehensive range of services available in the industry today.

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Interweigh Systems Inc. provides the highest quality Mass and Scale Calibration services, as well as Legal For Trade certification of scales governed by the standards and testing of Industry Canada under the Measurement Canada approval process. Interweigh Systems Inc. is ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited as a calibration laboratory by the Standards Council of Canada for specific calibrations as listed on http://www.scc.ca/en/search/palcan/Interweigh