FC-i Series by A&D Weighing

FC-i Series by A&D Weighing

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FC-i Series by A&D Weighing

The FC-i Series by A&D Weighing is a very versatile high-resolution counting scale. Its powerful features are ideal for a range of applications from simple counting to advanced inventory data management. This model combines the two most critical performance requirements of a counting scale: count accuracy and operation expediency.

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Notable Features

  • High Resolution: 1/5 million internal for FC-Si models, 1/1million internal for FC-i models.
  • 500 Memories (with 6-digit ID) to store and retrieve up to Unit Weights, tare weights, alphanumeric names/codes (12 digits), accumulators & comparator limits.
  • Optional Remote Scale Connector (FC-05i) allows easy connection to a remote platform.
  • Standard bi-directional RS-232C interface with optional 2nd & 3rd interfaces.
  • LED Display steps operator through the proper keys without a manual
  • Simplified Operation Mode disables all but essential keys.
  • Optional Hi/Go/Lo Comparator Function with built-in buzzer makes checkweighing easy.
  • Four Displays always show weight, average piece weight, piece count, item code, tare weight and accumulator.
  • ACAI Counting Function continuously updates the average piece weight. Provides increased accuracy for parts with inconsistent weights.
  • Display prompting eliminates operator errors and maximizes count accuracy.
  • Optional NiMH built-in Battery Pack allows recharge while the unit is still in use.
  • 1" High Count display is unmistakable.
Model Capacity Display Resolution (g) Min. Sample Pan Size (inch)
500Si 500 g 0.02 0.0002g 5.0 x 5.0
5000Si 5 kg 0.2 0.0001g 6.5 x 6.5
500i 500 g 0.05 0.0005g 8 x 6
1000i 1 kg 0.1 0.001g 8 x 6
2000i 2 kg 0.2 0.002g 11.8 x 11
5000i 5 kg 0.5 0.005g 11.8 x 11
10Ki 10 kg 1 0.01g 11.8 x 11
20Ki 20 kg 2 0.02g 11.8 x 11
50Ki 50 kg 5 0.05g 11.8 x 11
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