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Datalogic AV7000

AV7000 is characterized by superior optic performance, extended
Auto-ID capabilities, advanced SW functions for image elaboration and
data archiving, with excellent tools for operational analysis and process
optimization. Combining the benefits of a next-generation CMOS sensor with 40%
greater sensitivity, the new AV7000 provides High Definition Images and software functionality that exceed customer expectations.

With a large Field of View (1400 mm -55 inch), the AV7000 is the perfect solution to collect High Definition images in a single picture on a large conveyor instead of multiple partial pictures.


Next generation CMOS sensor with 40 % greater sensitivity

Single view high-quality picture for large conveyors (1400 mm/55 inch)

Patented Autofocus System offering extended DoF

Patented PLS technology, reducing the footprint of the reading station by 50%

Patented Digital Zoom technology assuring constant DPI resolution

Next generation decode algorithm for poor quality codes

Multiple format image saving from full definition to highly compressed JPG

Browser-based interface compatible with any kind of OS and HW platform, including PC and Tablet

Redundant architecture with no single point of failure

Software tools for image saving and data intelligence





Field of View- up to 1400 mm (55.12 in)

Max Resolution- 110 to 260 pixels/inch (DPI) *

Scan Rate- 33,000 scans/s (33kHz)

Imager Sensor- Features High Speed CMOS Line Scan (8192 pixels)

Optical lens- 90 mm, 110 mm and 140 mm *

Aperture Angle- 15° to 45° *

Readable Barcodes- All Standard 1D and 2D Symbologies

IP Rating- IP65

Dimensions- (Typical Value)

with external fans and Short Illumination: 845x416x237 mm [33.3x16.4x9.3 in]

with external fans and Medium Illumination: 1150x416x237 mm [45.3x16.4x9.3 in]

with external fans and long Illumination: 1480x416x237 mm [58.3x16.4x9.3 in]

Weight- 11kg [24 lbs]

Temperature Range- Operating: 0° to 50° C [32° to 122° F]

Storage-: -20° to 70° C [-4° to 158° F]

Power Supply/Consumption- 23-26VDC at illuminator connector

Case Material- Aluminum die-cast

Ethernet- 1 Gigabit Ethernet for decoding data to Host (may also be used for setup)

1 Gigabit Ethernet for image file transfer to Host

Serial Ports- 1 Main (COM) RS232/RS485FD opto-isolated serial port up to 115.2 Kbit/s

1 Aux RS232 opto-isolated serial port up to 115.2 Kbit/s

Internal Communication System- SyncNet Technology

Digital Inputs- 3 x Inputs (2 + 1 x “Encoder”), optocoupled, NPN/PNP

Digital Outputs- 2 x Outputs SW programmable, optocoupled, event driven, NPN


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