SC5000 Industrial Controller

SC5000 Industrial Controller

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SC5000 Industrial Controller

Datalogic SC5000 Industrial Controller 

SC5000 is a high-performance industrial controller for omnidirectional
and multi-side reading tunnels.
At a glance, it’s a compact box that consists of a front panel with a
multiline display, visual indicators, buttons and network connectors,
over a body with further connectivity options.
The front panel hides underneath the motherboard, a removable
compact flash for parameters system backup and controller
replacement, and the field bus board.

Standard Features

Industrial controller for multi-side reading stations

e-GENIUS™ web-based user interface

Display and 5-key keypad for diagnostics and statistics

Rugged industrial housing

Ultralight and compact design

Built-in Ethernet, Ethernet/IP and native Profibus and Profinet models

Enables management of systems redundancy and fast scanner replacement in cases of failure

Ethernet Bus Connections (EBC) for high-speed data transmission and real-time synchronization



Supply Voltage

Power Consumption

10 to 30 Vdc (typ.24 Vdc

0.5 A Max.

Communication Interfaces  
Serial Main (isolated)
-RS232 1200 to 115200 bits/s
-RS422 Full-duplex 1200 to 115200 bits/s
Serial Aux 
-RS232 1200 to 115200 bits/s
Ethernet (x2) TCP/IP  100 Mbit/s
EBC Internal Network 100 Mbit/s
-Profibus (only SC5000-1100 model) PROFIBUS DP application protocol; up to 12Mb/s
-Profinet (only SC5000- 1200 model) PROFINET- 10 application protocol; 100Mb/s
-All Models Embedded EtherNet/ IP; 100 Mb/s
Inputs 3 polarity insensitive optocoupled inputs:
Trigger, Encoder/ Tachometer, IN3,
Outputs 3 optocoupled outputs
Input/Output 1 configurable input/output (PNP or NPN polarity insensitive optocoupled input, or optocoupled output)

User Interface

 LCD Display 4 lines by 20 characters LCD
Keypad 5 Keys 
LED Indicators 

POWER                   STATUS

TRIG                        EBC

SW-TRIG                  OUT1

ENC                          OUT2

IN3                           OUT3

IN4                            OUT4

Software Features 

 Configuration Modes e-Genius
Parameter Storage  Non-volatile extractable SD-card

Environmental Features

 Operating Temperature

0° to +50 °C (+32° to +122 °F)

Storage Temperature 

-20° to +70 °C (-4° to +158 °F)


90% non-condensing

Vibration Resistance EN 60068-2-6

14 mm @ 2 to 10 Hz; 1.5 mm @ 13 to 55 Hz; 2 g @ 70-500 Hz; 2 hours on each axis

Shock Resistance EN 60068-2-27

30 g; 11 ms; 3 shocks on each axis

Protection Class EN 60529


Physical Features

 Mechanical Dimensions 

192 x 157 x 74 mm (7.57 x 6.18 x 2.91 in)


1.5 kg (3.31 lb)


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