A&D Everest Series

A&D Everest Series

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A&D Everest Series

Compact Precision Balances - Everest Series

The Everest Series is a range of compact precision balances with a weight capacity of 120 g to 12,000 g, and a resolution ranging from 0.01g to 1g. Their versatile features include full digital calibration and a large LCD display with a backlight. With its small footprint, optional carrying case, and rechargeable NiCd battery, the Everest offers superior convenience and portability. Now available with triple ranges of weighing, new electronics, and remote-zeroing, all included in a low-profile rugged housing, these unique balances are RS-232C standard and designed to meet Weights and Measures regulations.

For detailed specifications download the Everest Series brochure.

Notable Features

  • Large LCD display (16mm height) with backlight
  • Control zero, mode selection and data output with standard RS-232C
  • Triple Range weighing
  • Counting function with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement
  • Standard comparator function--HI/OK/LO annunciator
  • Full Digital Calibration with optional user-definable mass setting
  • Conformity to GLP with I.D. and serial number outputs
  • Auto Power OFF
  • Portable-compact size, lightweight, rugged body
  • Sealed key panel protection against dust and spills
  • Compact precision balances have a low profile and small footprint for minimal space requirement
  • Overload protection
  • Security ring to prevent theft
  • Stainless steel weighing pan
Model Capacity Min. Weight Linearity Max. Count Pan Size
EK-120i 120g 0.01g ±0.01g 12,000 pcs 110 mm/4.3"
EK-200i 210g 0.01g ±0.01g 20,000 pcs 110 mm/4.3"
EK-300i 310g 0.01g ±0.02g 30,000 pcs 110 mm/4.3"
EK-410i 410g 0.01g ±0.02g 40,000 pcs 110 mm/4.3"
EK-610i 610g 0.01g ±0.02g 60,000 pcs 110 mm/4.3"
EK-6100i 6100g 0.1g ±0.1g 6,000 pcs 133 mm x 170 mm
No. of samples 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 pieces
Sensitivity Drift 20ppm / C(10C~30C / 50F~86F)
Display Type 7 segment LCD with backlight (Character height 16mm)
Display Refresh 10 times / second
Power AC adapter or Ni-MH battery pack (option)

Options and Accessories:

  • Multi-Functional Printer
  • External Display
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Carrying Case
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