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Compass CX

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Ohaus Compass CX Portable Balance 

Energy-Efficient Portable Scale Suitable for Workplace and in-the-Field Weighing

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the Compass CX series offers a battery life of up to 1,000 continuous hours, allowing for uninterrupted operation. Featuring a slim, stackable and light-weight design, the CX fits ideally in lab, industrial, education, and even household settings. The streamlined two-button operation means that the balance can be operated easily, and large backlit LCD display enables easy viewing of weighing results.

Standard Features

• Save money over the lifetime of the balance. Alkaline batteries allow you to maximize operating time with up to 1,000 hours of continuous energy-efficient weighing in the workplace or classroom.

• Large backlit display increases readability in low-light conditions and makes it easier to view results from a distance.

• Slim, space-saving design allows for stackable storage for up to four scales.


Compass CX Brochure 

Model  CX221 CX621 CX1201 CX2200 CX5200
Capacity (g) 220 620 1200 2200 5200
 Readability (g) 0.1 1
 Span Calibration Mass (Not Included) 200g 500g 1kg 2kg
 Stabilization Time (s) 1.5 2 1.5
 Construction ABS housing and stainless steel pan
Calibration User-selectable external span / Digital with external weight
Tare Range  Full capacity by subtraction
Weighing Units* g, N, oz, lb:oz
Application Modes  Weighing
Power Requirement  3 AA batteries (included) or AC adapter (not included)
Typical Battery Life  1,000 hours
Display Type  Liquid crystal display (LCD) with backlight
Display Size  0.71 in. digits / 18 mm
Pan Size (W x D) 5 × 5.6 in / 128 × 142 mm
Balance Dimensions ( W x D xH) 5.3 × 7.9 × 1.6 in. / 135 × 201 × 41 mm
Shipping Dimensions (W x D x H) 6.7 × 9.3 × 2.2 in. / 170 × 235 × 55 mm
Net Weight  1.1 lb / 0.51 kg
Shipping Weight  1.5 lb / 0.7 kg
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