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Datalogic DS8110

Barcode Scanner

DS8110 is the new bar code reader offering top-class reading performance at any operative conditions, designed to satisfy the most demanding applications in the Parcel Sorting and Baggage Handling applications.


• Top Class Reading Performance thanks to Datalogic exclusive technologies

• Excellent performance on low-quality codes and unpredictable reading conditions

• DST (Digital Signal Technology) offering stable and constant performance at any operative conditions

• ASTRA G3 technology offering superior DoF and FoV without mechanical autofocus

• Ethernet Bus Connections (EBC) for high-speed data transmission and real-time synchronization

• Fully redundant configuration and no single point of failure

• Compact mechanical dimensions; lightweight

• Standard solutions for Parcel Sorting and Baggage Handling applications

• Ease of maintenance and automatic replacement.


Reading Distance- (Min/Max) 500-1900 mm (20 -75 in)

Max Resolution- Min:0.25mm (10mils)/Max: 0.50mm (20mils)

Scan Rate- Typ.:1000 scans/s/ Max.:

Scan Pattern Type- Linear

Aperture Angle- 60 degrees

Multilabel Reading- Up to 10 different symbologies during the same reading phase

Optic Architecture/Technology- ASTRA™ G3

Bar Code Assignment Technology- PackTrack™ G2

Reconstruction Code Technology- ACR™ G5

Readable Codes- 22 symbologies including 2/5 family, Code39, Code93, Code128, EAN/UPC, EAN128, ISBN128

Case Material- Aluminum alloy

Dimensions- (Typical Value) 216 x 96 x 127 mm [8.5 x 3.8 x 5 in]

Weight- 2.0 kg (4.4 lb)

Temperature Range- 0° - 50°C

Power Supply/Consumption- 20 to 30 VDC; 20 W

Ip Rating- IP65

Ethernet- 2 x Ethernet TCP/IP

Serial Interfaces- Main Port: RS232/RS422 up to 115.2 Kbit/s Auxiliary Port: RS232 up to 115.2 Kbit/s

Internal Communication System- EBC Technology

Fieldbus- Embedded EtherNet/IP; PROFINET-IO and PROFIBUS-DP supported

Digital Inputs- 3 x Inputs (2 + 1 x “Encoder”), optocoupled, NPN/PNP

Digital Outputs- 2 x Outputs SW programmable, optocoupled, event-driven, NPN

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