SJ-HS Series Compact Bench Scales

SJ-HS Series Compact Bench Scales

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SJ-HS Series Compact Bench Scales

A&D SJ-HS Series Compact Bench Scales

The SJ Series compact bench scales are ideal for general weighing in almost every industry, including food portioning/food service, retail stores, post offices, industrial applications, factories, schools, laboratories, warehouses, offices, and even home use.

Standard Features 

  • High-speed weighing in less than 1 second to increase your work efficiency
  • Resolution up to 1/5000 for highly precise measurements
  • Large, clear liquid crystal display (LCD) for accurate results
  • Zero tracking function to maintain the display at zero before measurement
  • Legal for trade in Canada (MC)(all models except SJ-5001HS)


 Capacity x Resolution  g lb oz
SJ-1000HS 1000g x 0.5g 2.2 lb x 0.001 lb 30 oz x 0.02 oz
SJ-2000HS 2000g x 1g 4.4 lb x 0.002 lb  70 oz x 0.05 oz
SJ-5000HS 5000g x 2g 11 lb x 0.005 lb 

176 oz x 0.1 oz

SJ-5001HS 5000 x 1g  11 lb x 0.002 lb  176 oz x 0.05 oz
SJ-12KHS 12kg x 5g 26 lb x 0.01 lb  423 oz x 0.2 oz 
SJ-20KHS 20kg x 10g  44 lb x 0.02 lb  705 oz x 0.5 oz 
SJ-30KHS 30kg x 20g 66 lb x 0.05 lb  1058 oz x 1 oz 



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