Dual Counting Scales

Dual Counting Scales

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Dual counting scales are weighing instruments for weighing and counting small parts or objects in a large container. Like all counting scales, the dual counting scale is a weighing instrument for determining the number of items in a container from the weight of those items. Using two platforms connected to a single load cell, the unit weight of an item is measured on the smaller platform while the larger platform is used to weigh a large collection of these items in a container. Whether it is huge plastic containers of pills or tablets, skids of automotive or plastic parts, or large bins of coins taken from vending machines, our dual counting scales are ideal as a piece counting system. With a remote weighing base or platform that can be any size, locking wheels, casters or adjustable feet where needed and forklift guides, these scales can be custom designed to suit a wide variety of applications.

Notable Features

  • Customized Platform Size - remote base options: 22" x 28" to 30" x 30" and 48" x 48"
  • Locking Wheels
  • Adjustable Feet where applicable
  • Forklift Access Guides - which allow for moving by a front-end loader.

For years, attempts have been made to develop an effective device for quickly determining the number of pieces in a container without emptying it and counting each piece by hand. It is well known that we can figure out how many items are in a group by weighing a known number of those items. Weighing systems used for this purpose have generally been one of two types: systems using a single scale for weighing the sample and the container, and systems using two scales: one for weighing the sample and one for weighing the container. While single scale systems were limited in the size of containers that they could weigh, using a second scale to weigh the container was inconvenient and awkward. Putting both scales together on two separate platforms, solved both problems. While the unit weight of an item was measured on the smaller platform, the larger platform was used to weigh the container. With this dual counting system, the number of items in a container is determined by first weighing a known quantity or sample of items to determine the unit weight, then weighing the container and dividing the container weight by the unit weight to determine the count.


How Dual Counting Scales Work

Dual counting scales use two scales: one small scale and one larger scale. The smaller scale is used to sample the items to be counted as a method of obtaining the unit weight while the larger scale is used to weigh the item in bulk. The lightest item to be weighed and the heaviest filled container to be weighed are the two criteria used to establish which sampling scale and remote base are to be used. The lighter the lightest item is that is to be weighed, the more sensitive the sampling scale needs to be. The heavier and bulkier the tote or skid is, that contains the product, the larger and the greater weighing capacity is required, for the remote scale.


  • Pharmaceutical
    In the pharmaceutical industry, large collections of pills or tablets are kept in large plastic containers. To determine the weight of the tablets in the container, our dual counting scales allow you to first determine the unit weight of individual tablets or pills, the tare weight of the container and calculate the number of tablets in the container.
  • Revenue Collection
    The coins collected by devices ranging from parking meters to vending machines, laundry machines and dollar bill changers, are often collected by a Revenue Collection company and put into a large container. When they want to count the coins in these containers, they need a way to do that without emptying the container and counting the coins by hand. With a dual counting scale, this process is reduced to a simple weighing procedure that is quick and extremely accurate.
  • Automotive
    In the automotive industry, huge collections of small plastic and metal parts are manufactured and transported in large containers. Instead of manually counting these parts, a dual counting system can take a known sample of these parts, weigh them to determine their unit weight, and quickly calculate how many parts are in one of these containers.
Specifications - Sampling Scale
Model Capacity Display Resolution Min. Sample
500Si 500 g 0.02 g 0.0002 g
5000Si 5 kg 0.2 g 0.001 g
500i 500 g 0.05 g 0.0005 g
1000i 1 kg 0.1 g 0.001 g
2000i 2 kg 0.2 g 0.002 g
5000i 5 kg 0.5 g 0.005 g
10Ki 10 kg 1 g 0.01 g
20Ki 20 kg 2 g 0.02 g
50Ki 50 kg 5 g 0.05 g

Remote Base Options
Base Size 22" x 28" 30" x 30" 48" x 48"
Capacity 500 lbs. / 250 kg 1,000 lbs. / 500 kg. 5,000 lbs. / 2,500 kg.
Accuracy 0.1 lbs. / 0.05 kg 0.2 lbs. / 0.100 kg. 1 lbs. / 0.500 kg.
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